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Termite Control
Bee & Wasp Nests
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Termite Inspection & Extermination
Outdoor residential misting systems (sometimes called "mosquito misters") are application systems designed to spray pesticides in a fine mist to kill mosquitoes and other insects outdoors. SEE VIDEO BELOW

If you’re looking for a pest exterminator in Houston and its surroundings, who puts a  high priority on your safety, New Leaf Pest Control is the name to  trust. We use products that won’t damage the environment or impact your  health or that of your family and pets. Every technician who works with  us has been certified in pest control management. Our service is  thorough, and we offer a number of follow-up plans designed to keep your premises pest-free. New Leaf Pest Control works with residential and commercial customers  throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. Those pests that are  bugging you are more than just an annoyance; they can seriously  undermine your health. In some cases, they can even damage the  structural integrity of your property. The next time you’re looking for a  reliable pest exterminator, contact us to make an appointment.

Termite Inspection & Extermination

If you're like most home or business owners you   probably know that termites aren't creatures to take lightly. Termites   have the potential to cause serious property damage, so if you have   reason to believe that they've invaded your space, you need a reliable   team to come in and get rid of them before they truly wreak havoc. And   that's precisely where New Leaf Pest Control LLC comes in. As an  established pest  control company in Houston, TX, we offer termite  extermination  services designed to rid you of your problem and preserve  the property  you've worked so hard to maintain.

Termite Inspection & Extermination

Unwanted pests can be more than just a nuisance. In many cases, they   can constitute a serious health hazard. And if your pest problem is   evident, it could impact employee productivity and turn customers away.   Don't take chances when New Leaf Pest Control LLC offers reliable   commercial pest control services. Our team is equipped to identify the   source of your pest problem and implement solutions that work to   eliminate pests and prevent them from returning.
Don't let a pest problem impact your business or bottom line. Call us now for more information about our commercial pest control services or   to schedule an appointment.

General Pest Control

Pests are not only annoying and unsightly, but they’re also disease  vectors that can put your health and the health of your family at risk.  New Leaf Pest Control offers pest control services that have the  potential to stamp out your bug problem at its roots. We also offer our  customers in Houston, TX, a variety of service plans so that once we get  rid of your pests, they won’t come back.
Whether you’re struggling with fleas, ants, bedbugs, or rodents, our  ecologically sound pest control techniques are very effective. We also  offer 24/7 emergency services if you find yourself facing a major crisis  outside our normal business hours.

WE NOW OFFER In2Care Mosquito Traps

This animation video shows the mode of action of our unique Aedes  mosquito control tool that uses the insect to control breeding, reduce  populations and prevent transmission of diseases like Zika virus and  Dengue.

Service Areas
Houston - Pasadena - Sugar Land - Pearland - Missouri City - Stafford - Humble - Bellaire - North Houston

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